Marksmanship to Handguns Class
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This course will help improve your marksmanship skills. If you need to become a better shot, this is a great class for you. This is NOT an “Introduction to Handguns” type class. You must know how to load, unload, and shoot your firearm. You must also be comfortable with your firearm or firearms in general. You may have just taken the Introduction to Handguns class at Range USA and feel that you need more practice with an instructor before you proceed to the Tennessee Permit Class. Or, you may have just taken the Youth Safety & Marksmanship class for 11-16 year olds and you’re ready to build on the fundamentals learned in that class. This course incorporates several drills, including live and dry fire, to help you to become a better pistol marksman. This class will also work on stance, sight picture, grip, breathing, trigger control, and shot placement. You will come away from this class feeling more comfortable handling your gun, greater confidence in your ability to shoot accurately.

Restrictions: * A functional handgun or a rental is available (if a rental is used, the ammunition must be purchased from Range USA) * Approximately 200 rounds of ammunition (“factory new” recommended) * Comfortable clothes and shoes

Expiration: Dec 31, 2019

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